Professional Pest Removal

and animal control

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta also goes by the nickname Canada’s Festival City. There are events taking place here all year round. The city enjoys long and comfortable summer weather and cloudy, freezing winter. Warm weather sets in between early July and mid-August. Thousands of eager tourists’ flock here to enjoy the sun as well as take part in the festivities.

Against this colorful background is a pest menace that brings discomfort in people’s homes and business premises. Carpenter ants are some of the most destructive. They are nighttime foragers that love nesting near their source of food. If you do not discover them in good time, they could damage your home’s structure. Businesses in the food service industry must keep checking for roaches. Bedbugs, on the other hand, can give Edmonton hoteliers sleepless nights and long days.

Thankfully, AAA Pest Control offers you a wide range of pest control services. We serve Edmonton and its surroundings. Our service range includes residential pest control, commercial pest control and industrial pest control. We adopt an eco-friendly approach designed to accommodate everyone’s budget. We also guarantee high-quality services with all types of pets standing no chance in the hands of our professional crew. Our service areas include Edmonton, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, Leduc and more.

Residential Services

Your home is meant for the comfort of all family members and guests that visit from time to time. Pests are not welcome, anytime. These pesky creatures are, at most, an annoying intrusion. They put the occupants of your home at a high health risk. At AAA Pest Control we invest heavily in efforts to eradicate pests and animal removal in homes. The products we use plus the treatment methods we deploy are such that they eliminate the unwanted guests. At best, you and your family remain safe plus we do not harm your pets. Our technicians are among the best trained in Edmonton.

Commercial pest extermination Services

AAA Pest Control Company understands what pests can do to a business enterprise. If left to roam uncontrollably, ants, cockroaches, mice and bats multiply by the numbers. The next thing you know is that your workplace is uninhabitable while clients start avoiding your premises. Just like that, you could lose business and close shop. Our commercial pest extermination services will stop all vermin and prevent their recurrence. Whatever the challenge, we are ready to customize a solution that combines effectiveness with environmental friendliness. We not only eradicate pests from places of business but also decisively deal with their entry routes. That way, you get to carry on with your commercial activities without stress.

Why choose AAA Pest Control

The fight against pests calls for persistence, determination and expertise. After being in the business for so many years, we can authoritatively say that we understand these creatures. Besides, more than a million homeowners and entrepreneurs have trusted us to keep their places of habitation free from creeping and crawling intruders. We have, in our employment, some of the top pest control specialists in Canada. There goes another reason to choose us. is committed to providing Edmonton clients with world-class pest control services. Our prices are affordable plus we have put in place a courteous customer service team. We respect your privacy and will never expose a pest infestation in your property to others. Our technicians maintain discretion especially in residential areas where neighbors could give you the cold shoulder upon realizing that your home has been a pest haven. If an immediate concern arises, we encourage you to fill up the form on our website. One of our experts will respond and give you an estimated price at no charge; its free.

Business operators have brand reputations to protect. Towards this end, we offer tailored services that specifically address the challenge. Besides, we also deal with a pest or animal problem conclusively.