Bird Control Services

Bird Control Services

If you have a pigeon problem in your home, offices or commercial space, you already know that it is a big nuisance. Not only is there noise and distraction to deal with, these unwanted guests leave droppings, debris and feathers which are unsanitary and dirty overall. These droppings can also pose serious health risks and cause diseases.

If you are experiencing bird or pigeon infestation, we are the right company for you. Call AAA Exterminators before the situation becomes any worse. Our company offers Bird control services and we specialize in getting rid of these pesky intruders from your property and keeping them away for good. Our skilled technicians provide effective plans to get rid of the pigeons using a variety of tools and techniques that have been successfully implemented. We understand that nobody wants to harm birds, thus our methods use humanitarian approach that offers pigeon control without causing harm. We pride ourselves in offering prompt service that is reliable and deals with the problems right away.

We are fully licensed and insured company that offers free estimates. There are no hidden charges in our fees and we stand behind our initial quotation.

Bird - Pigeon Control Services

Pigeon Control Tailored For Alberta Properties

Bird control services in a commercial establishment differs from those at home, thus our solutions are customized based on each situation individually. We study the surroundings and the birds’ habits to offer specific solutions relating to the situation. All this helps us in determining what the approach should be and how the situation should be resolved. Based on all that, we come up with a treatment plan to control and remove the birds and their nests.

We provide effective Bird control services that will preserve your structure and protect your family, employees and customers without creating a hole in your pocket.