Carpenter Ants Removal – Everything you need to know about it

carpenter ants colony in edmonton

When considering insect pests, it is important to remember how incredibly diverse and regional they can be. The indigenous insect pests we encounter locally will not be the same as those encountered in Ontario or Vancouver, for example. While most pest insects will present as nuisances, there is only one insect in the Edmonton Area […]

Removing Bed Bugs Effectively

How to Remove Bedbugs Effectively One of the most difficult pest problem that people face happens to be Bed Bugs. Since their infestation is fast and can get out of hands soon, it is very important to contain the situation as soon as bed bugs are detected. What one requires is patience, diligence and a lot of […]

Rodent Infestation is a serious issue

Rodent Infestation is a serious issue Rodents can be a troublesome to deal with, especially if they are occupying your homes or offices.  Since winter has not been that severe this year, chances of rodents having fun time in the upcoming spring season. Rodent infestation can lead to not only physical damage to your property […]