Insect and Rodent Control

Insect and Rodent Control

Insects include Ants, Bees, Wasps, fleas etc. whereas Rodents include Mouse or rats. Be it an insect, bug or rodent, they all cause nuisance in one way or another. Not to forget the health risk they pose by being in our living or working space. Sometimes by luck home remedies help get rid of these insects and rodents for a short period of time before they come back. Thus, it is highly important to get professional extermination companies that can offer pest, rodent or insect control services like AAA Exterminators.

What are Rodents and How are They Harmful?

Rodents include mice and rats that have long tail and bodies covered in fur. Mice, like Deer mouse or field mouse, can be brown or white in color whereas House mouse is grey in color. Rats have robust bodies with long tails. These rodents enter homes searching for food or water. Many at times, the only way you will know about the presence of rodent in your surroundings is due to droppings which are mostly black in color and size of a grain of rice.  Rat Droppings are comparatively larger.

Rats and mice both are known to transmit diseases that spread through feces, urine contamination on surfaces around the premises and in some rare cases, biting. They gnaw into things around the house or offices, such as electric cables etc., posing a risk. Their gnawing can lead to wires being chewed to a point of starting fires. What people don’t understand is that rodents can enter homes and offices very easily though cracks, gaps in doorways, foundation and other openings around the establishment.

Rodent Removal Services

How Can AAA Extermination Company Protect You From Rodents?

Our highly trained technicians carry out a detailed inspection of the premises to locate problem points. A treatment program is detailed out to eliminate mice and rat infestation and to avoid such occurrences in future. Our services include closing up entry points to expel any rodents from entering premises along with effective rodent control solutions. Our ultimate goal is to offer customers the peace of mind they deserve knowing that these nasty rodents will not be coming back.

What are Insects and How are They harmful?

Insects are classified as the largest group in animal kingdom. They have small bodies that can still cause enough harm to humans by transmitting diseases or through their biting. Some of the common insects found in Alberta include Ants, beetles, dragonfly, Wasps, bugs and cockroach. AAA Exterminator Company is a professional pest control company that offers unbeatable customer service with competitive pricing for all customers.

Insect Removal Services

Eliminating Insects From Homes and Offices

When it comes to taking care of family, your employees and customers, there is no substiture for good quality service and experience. Our company comprises of specialists in the industry who know how to eliminate any insects that prevail in your establishment, be it a house, an office or an institution. Insects can destroy property by nesting in your premises. Not only that, they can pose health concerns which is why we are here to offer our expertise in the field and apply our successful solutions to control any pests and insects.