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Sow Bug Extermination

Sow bugs do not endanger your health in the same way bed bugs or rats would. Despite their being crustaceans, they do not live in water. Their preference is dark and moist places. Despite their secretive nature they habitually come out and cause unease among humans. Their diet is a buffet that consists of debris, dead leaves and decaying plant material. The most likely place to find them is in the garden. You may treat them as friend and foe in equal measure. If they are helping to produce compost, you have no reason to worry. However, when they feed on leaves of young plants, you automatically develop the urge to get rid of them.

Nonetheless, sow bugs will enter your house by capitalizing on spaces such as crawlspaces, cracks and sliding doors. Common areas where you can find them in your home include bathrooms, drain pipes and the basement. Since they can only survive under moist conditions, once they find a dry place they cannot live for long. By keeping your home dry, you can discourage sow bugs from finding a place to stay. In our case, we will use a residual spray applied in all areas where we expect the bugs to hide.

Mice Exterminators

Both mice and rats belong to the same family. Out of the over 20 species known to scientists, the house mouse is the one humans encounter most. This canny creature is a master at maneuver making it hard to catch. Besides, they multiply quickly with the female producing about five to seven litters in a year. A litter can have up to 14 little ones. As a timid creature, the house mouse prefers to come out at night to feed on food scraps as well as that in storage.

A hungry mouse can eat anything it finds from seeds, fruits and grain. It is a destructive rodent that nests in dark places that are close to their source of food. Its size can deceive you into thinking that it cannot fit into a narrow space. Since it leaves droppings all over the place, you can quickly tell when your house has one or several of them. Besides, chewed food is another telltale sign.

Our eradication approach is to find their entry points, sealing them and placing traps. We also have baits that attract them to the traps. Our extermination team follows-up until the intruders are no more. In the event of an infestation, we can opt for a chemical method.

Bed bugs Eradication

Bed bugs are found everywhere across the world. They hid under the mattress and in bed cracks or joints. Buying uninspected second-hand furniture is one of the surest ways of bringing bed bugs to your home. They usually come out at night and feed on your blood while you sleep. Signs of a bite are easy to identify; a red swelling that also feels itchy. Interestingly, they can even bite during the day. Since the bite comes with no pain, you cannot respond, and that is why you notice it later.

Apart from the irritating nature of their bites, bedbugs do not transmit diseases. However, their presence is stressful. Check for bloodstains on mattresses and bedsheets. Rusty spots are another sign, and in severe cases, the infested room will emit a musty odour. If you suspect that your home has an infestation, call AAA Pest Control, and we shall remove them in an instant.

We will thoroughly inspect your home and disinfect all areas including the living room and furniture. Also, you need to take extra precaution when boarding in hotels while travelling. When buying used furniture, ensure that you or the seller sterilize it for bedbugs. An extreme treatment regime will eradicate these creatures. Our repeated check-ups will often result in total extermination and control from repeat infestation.

Carpenter Ant Removal

The carpenter ants you will find in Edmonton have a reddish-black appearance. Stretching at a little over two centimeters long, these insects prefer to nest in warm and damp places. Like other ant species, these are also excavators that dig through the wood. The result of their occupancy can be damage to the structure of your house. They mate during spring after which the males die. The queen ant lays eggs while worker ants protect the colony from attack. Irrespective of which member does what, they all can cause damage to wooden structures.

During the summer, winged carpenter ants swarm out of their nests and find their way into your house. You can spot them on shower tiles, toilet walls and under the sink. To tell whether you are hosting carpenter ants, check for coarse sawdust piles on the floor. Preventing their entry is perhaps the best way to deal with these pests. However, if it is already too late and you need eradication, we are ready. We have a range of solutions such as the use of powder-based residue. Our technicians may have to drill the walls to reach and destroy carpenter ant nests. We also create a barrier around your house to prevent a repeat invasion.