What to do if you find Bed Bugs in your luggage

After a stay at a hotel or other lodging facility, your luggage could get infested by bedbugs. These insects hide in box springs, mattresses and beddings. They also nest in carpet fibers. You might, in anger and frustration, consider throwing away your belongings. Before you do, there are simple measures that are effective.

Remove all the stuff in your bag and pack them in a plastic bag. Seal it afterwards and do not open until you arrive back home. Wash the clothing in hot water before drying at temperatures of around 120 degrees.

Another approach is to scrub your luggage thoroughly with a stiff brush to dislodge egg clusters. Once done, vacuum your clothes repeatedly. Later, spray pesticide on the luggage pieces. The approach helps kill any remaining insects. A steam cleaner can also finish the job adequately.

After vacuuming your belongings, get rid of the vacuum bag by wrapping it in a garbage bag. Ensure that you seal it to prevent escape. Dry your clothes in the sun while inspecting it thoroughly. If you find traces of the pest, steam the luggage once more.

As you focus on clothing items, do not forget to treat the suitcase too. Vacuum it with emphasis on corners and pocket bottoms. Spray it with the bed bug insecticide. Leave the bag out in the sun for a day or two. Heat from the sun should eradicate the bedbugs. Ensure you buy a can of spray that has a reputation for the extermination of bugs.

Home remedies can help some but the best way to get rid of bed bugs is by getting professional help. Call an expert pest extermination company like AAAPestControl that specializes in Bed Bug removal services and all at a reasonable price.

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